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Westfield Emergency Notification System

The City of Westfield has an emergency notification system to be used to contact citizens of the city during the event of an emergency. The providing vendor is Rapid Notify. Public phone data for citizens and some businesses is already in the system.

If your number is unlisted or you want to add a number(s) use the web form below.

The system can also notify you by email as well.

The system will be tested regularly to ensure the system is working properly.

Unlike other notification systems in the city, the Rapid Notify system will be used in the event of a serious emergency or significant event effecting the city. The Rapid Notify system has features that the other systems lack and is thus considered the premier notification system.

Other City Notification Systems

The cityofwestfield.org website has a notification feature called the Alert Center. As well as publishing an alert bar at the top of the page for website viewers the system can email and text message those who sign up for the service. Registration in the Alert Center Notify system does not enroll the user in the Rapid Notify system.

The Westfield Public School Department has a similar system used for school community notifications and cancellations. This is a different system and registration in the School system does not effect the City of Westfield Emergency notification system.