Tax Title

When a taxpayer becomes delinquent in paying real estate taxes or other local charges that constitute liens on real estate, the municipality has statutory authority to take title to the taxpayer's property.  The tax title is a lien on the property and is recorded at the Hampden County Registry of Deeds.  Below is a listing of all tax title liens currently held by the City of Westfield.

Tax Titles

Property owners in tax title are encouraged to work with the City and/or any mortgagor to pay all amounts owed.  The City will enter into payment agreements with property owners to pay off all amounts in tax title over the course of up to two years, provided all current real estate taxes are paid as billed.

If a property owner fails to make arrangements to pay the amounts owed for tax title, the City has the statutory right to undertake proceedings to foreclose the owner's right to redeem that property from tax title.  After such foreclosure, the City owns the property.  Below is a listing of all properties foreclosed by and owned by the City of Westfield.