Gas Light District Improvements

GasLightDistrict_Gateway.jpgThis project consists of infrastructure improvements in the area bounded by Court St, Elm St, Franklin St and Washington St, known as the Gas Light District. The intent is to create a very pedestrian and bicycle friendly environment and encourage the arts and entertainment industry within the district. General design standards set for recent "Old Town" projects will be used and enhanced.

Gas Light Improvements Plan Set

Improvements include the following:

  • Water Utilities
  • Sanitary Sewer
  • Gas Utilities
  • Pavement Reconstruction
  • Sidewalk Reconstruction
  • On & Off-Street Parking Improvements
  • Traffic signs and Pavement Markings
  • Street and Pedestrian Lighting
  • Pocket Park
  • Fountain Feature
  • Bulb Outs
Streets Impacted:

  • Summer St
  • Spring St
  • Arnold St
  • Church St
  • School St
  • Central St