Fire department badgeThe Westfield Fire Department

The Westfield Fire Department is a municipal organization which provides fire, rescue and ambulance services to the City of Westfield. The department is staffed 24 hours a day by 86 fully paid personnel, all who are specially trained to handle emergency medical calls with 41 members at the advanced paramedic level.

There are three staffed fire stations:
  • Central Headquarters located at 34 Broad Street
  • North Side Substation at 129 Southampton Road
  • Little River Substation at 366 Little River Road

Fire & Rescue Calls

The Fire Department responds to approximately 8,200 fire and rescue calls each year. For fire suppression and rescues, the department maintains four engine companies, one tower and one rescue truck. The department provides for a wide variety of rescues including ice, fire, confined space, and auto extrication.

Ambulance Services

Emergency calls and routine transports are provided for by our trained emergency medical technician staff. All medical personnel are cross-trained as firefighter and are certified by the Massachusetts Office of Emergency Medical Services. Personnel respond to approximately 6,400 medical calls each year. Calls involve all types of emergency situations as well as routine non-emergency transports to or from area hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities. We maintain five fully equipped and certified ambulances.

Municipal Fire Alarms

Alarm systems are connected into the recently opened Public Safety Communications Center, along with the city’s 911 emergency dispatch system. Alarms are received via a radio call box system. This system does not rely on municipal power or overhead wires to operate, assuring receipt of alarm regardless of weather conditions.

Westfield Fire Department Contact Telephone Numbers

  • To report a fire: 911
  • To report a medical emergency: 911
  • Business Office: (413) 572-6330
  • Non-Emergency Calls: (413) 562-2329
  • Ambulance Records: (413) 572-6307
  • Ambulance Bill Questions: Comstar Ambulance Billing 1-800-488-4351
  • Headquarters Captain: (413) 572-6304
  • Headquarters Deputy Chief: (413) 572-6302
  • Fire Chief: (413) 572-6330
  • Fire Prevention and Permits: (413) 572-6303
  • Repair Division: (413) 642-9025
  • Little River Station #2: (413) 642-9406
  • Southampton Road Station #3: (413) 564-3199