The Planning Department is focused on fostering the appropriate use of land while ensuring responsible growth and development, protection of the City’s resources and the enhancement of our neighborhoods. Operating as a division within the Office of Community Development, the Department coordinates land use planning efforts, advises elected and appointed officials on planning and zoning-related matters, and provides staff assistance to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals. The Department also coordinates the efforts of the Community Preservation Committee and manages the disbursement of the City’s Community Preservation Act funds for qualifying projects.

Most major public and private developments proposed within Westfield first require some level of analysis with the Planning Department, which strives to provide coordinated, accurate and effective reviews of projects for their consistency with established long-range plans, zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations and sound planning practices. Serving as a liaison between the public and permitting boards, the Department also serves to assist homeowners, developers and consultants in navigating the relevant local approval processes.

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