While the Planning Department can assist with zoning inquires, ultimately the interpretation, application and enforcement of the zoning ordinance and map is under the jurisdiction and authority of the Building Department. Before constructing any structure or changing or expanding the use of any building or lot, a Zoning Determination Form must be submitted to that office.

Zoning Ordinance

As amended through December 14, 2022

Zoning Map

The City's online GIS system is a convenient tool for viewing zoning districts. (Check "Zoning Districts" on the Layer List tab on the left and enter or zoom in to a particular property. The Water Resource Protection and Floodplain Management districts appear with the "Zoning Overlay" layer, and also correspond to "Aquifer Zone II" and "FEMA Flood Zones 2013" layers, respectively). The official Zoning Map, which is periodically updated to incorporate recent changes, is posted here.

Other City Ordinances

General (non-zoning) codes and ordinances of the City are available online, including the Stormwater Management Ordinance.