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  • Beginners Guide to VA Pension - The VA Pension does not require a service connected disability in order to qualify. This benefit is based solely on need. The Beginners Guide to VA Pension will help you to determine if you might be entitled to this benefit as a veteran, or as a surviving spouse or dependent of a veteran.
  • Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 115 Veterans Benefits Overview - The Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 115 Veterans’ Benefits Overview document provides an overview to veterans' benefits under MGL Chapter 115. These benefits are provided to qualifying veterans and/or their surviving spouses and dependents. For more detailed information about determining if you might qualify for these benefits, based on your financial situation, see the Income and Assets link.
  • Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 115 - Income and Assets - The Income and Assets document provides more detailed information on the income and assets guidelines for individuals who may be interested in applying for Veterans Benefits under MGL Chapter 115. It explains what may be counted as an asset, what the current income thresholds are for claimants in certain circumstances, as well as some of the rules about accurately declaring income/assets and the consequences of failing to do so. You should view the Overview Document link prior to viewing this link.

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