Active Projects

The City of Westfield through its Engineering Department has several efforts toward infrastructure improvements, which are
actively taking place simultaneously. This page identifies the current active projects and is updated frequently to reflect the most up-to-date and accurate information. 

For more information, plans, sketches, and/or drawings on each of the projects listed below, please visit their respective pages, linked on the left-hand sidebar, or contact the Engineering Department at 413-572-6219.

Columbia Greenway Rail Trail

This multi-use rail trail is a phased project that connects the south end to the Southwick Rail Trail and extends north, currently to Main Street in downtown Westfield. The current phase connecting the trail to the Westfield River Esplanade, is under construction. Anticipated completion has been delayed to Spring 2023.

Old Town Roads Improvements

For the past decade, the City has selected streets in the downtown to be part of the Old Town Roadway effort. The streets selected typically have poor pavement conditions which triggers the City to look at the infrastructure and see if they need to be upgraded. Key elements this effort addresses are pavement, sidewalks, curbing, drainage, sanitary sewer, and water mains. All of these are looked at and are replaced or refurbished as needed.

Lozierville and Meadows Old Town Roadway Improvements
This project was originally designed in 2014 to address the neighborhoods along the north and south sides of Main Street. Since then, the project has been phased.

Phase 1 of the current effort includes:
George Street, Frederick Street, and Parkside Avenue.

Construction for this phase is planned to begin in late Summer 2022 with anticipated substantial completion in early 2023.

Future phases of the effort may include:
Cleveland Ave, Clinton Ave, Cycle Street, East Silver Street, Exchange Street, Lindbergh Boulevard, Lozier Ave, Noble Street, Ashley Street, Cross Street, State Street, and Taylor Ave.

Plans for construction of any future phases would be determined at a later date.

Western Avenue Improvements

This project consists of roadway improvements along Western Avenue, westerly from the intersection of Llewellyn Drive and extending easterly for approximately 2.4 miles to the intersection of Court, High, and Mill Streets. It also includes improvements on Lloyds Hill Road and West Silver Street between Western Avenue and Mill Street. The first phase, completed in early 2021, includes Western Avenue from Llewellyn Drive to approximately Fairview Avenue. Phase 2 continues from the end of Phase 1 near Fairview Avenue and extends to the Court, High, and Mill Street intersections. It also includes the improvements to Lloyds Hill Road and West Silver Street. Phase 2 is currently under construction and will continue through 2022 and into 2023.

I-90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) Interchange 41 Improvements

Over the past several decades, the City has been working to improve the safety, congestion, and flow of traffic throughout the downtown, namely along the Route 10-202 corridor. Recent projects such as Great River Bridge, Park Square Green, and the North Elm-Notre Dame Intersection Improvements have significantly helped alleviate such issues, with the Interchange 41 intersection being one of the last major hurdles in this effort. This project aims to resolve or greatly improve several issues that currently exist in the area: 1) the A.M. northbound traffic in Westfield merging eastbound onto I-90, 2) the P.M. westbound traffic getting off Interchange 41 on I-90, 3) the southbound traffic traveling through the intersection along Route 10-202, and 4) the conflict of the traffic signal at Arch Road and 10-202, located a short 400+/- feet south of the major interchange intersection. A collaborative effort between MassDOT and the City is required to address these issues affecting both I-90 and Westfield's road network. A study with alternatives has been conducted, and both parties are looking to advance into the design stage. A timeline for the project, including construction, will be determined at a later date.

Westfield River Levee Multi-Use Trail

This project includes a 2 mile-long multi-use trail on the Westfield River Levee from Ellsworth Street on the west end to the Williams Riding Way Flood Control Pump Station on the east end. The trail provides an east-west off road connector for the neighborhoods along the levee to downtown destinations, including the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail. It also provides active recreation along the Westfield River, including connections to Chapman Playground, Whitney Field, the Westfield River Esplanade, and other multiple parks adjacent to the Great River bridges. Construction is anticipated to start in late 2023 into 2024.

Feasibility Study - Multi-Use Trail Connector

This feasibility study is for a multi-use trail connector from the Columbia Greenway Rail Trail at Women's Temperance Park north past I-90 and connect to Southampton Road (MA-10/US-202) via the entrance to Westfield Intermediate School and Southampton Road Elementary School. The study required public outreach and involvement through several meetings and a survey; it identified design criteria and trail route alternatives; it determined final trail route alternatives' plans and costs; it recommends a preferred design alternative; and produced a final feasibility study:


PLEASE NOTE: As the final report indicates, further study will be required to determine the connection of the multi-use trail from the Lockhouse Road area to Southampton Road.

This project is funded in part by MassTrails, administered by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Public Meeting #2 Presentation

Public Meeting #3 Presentation

Public Meeting #3 Notes

Link to Public Meeting #3 Recording:

Southampton Road Improvements (Route 10/US 202) - MassDOT Project

This project includes roadway realignment and new pavement and curbing, dedicated turning lanes, new crosswalks, traffic signal improvements, an 8- to 10-foot shared use path along the west side of the right-of-way, sidewalk improvements along sections of the east side, utility pole relocation, and drainage improvements. The southern project limit is the north side of the I-90 Interchange, and the northern project limit is the intersection of North Road. Traffic signal improvements included in this project are located at the following intersections: North Road, Medeiros Way and Falcon Drive, and Servistar Industrial Way. The 25% design submission package was received as of 7/20/2021. A timeframe for construction is yet to be determined at this time.

East Main Street/Route 20 - MassDOT Project

The project includes pedestrian and bike accommodations along East Main Street/Route 20 from Meadow Street to Delmont Avenue. This mostly State owned corridor was identified by MassDOT as a priority in their recent Statewide Pedestrian Plan and Statewide Bicycle Plan. The project, both design and construction, will be fully funded by MassDOT. MassDOT completed the 25% Design Plans in May of 2021 and will discussing the plans at an upcoming Design Public Hearing. A construction schedule has not yet been identified.

Cowles Bridge Replacement - MassDOT Project

This State project replaces Cowles Bridge carrying Southwick Road (Routes 10/202) over the Little River. It includes a realignment and widening of Southwick Road to provide turning lanes at City View Road and Mill Street. The City View Road traffic signal will be replaced, and a new traffic signal will be added at the intersection of Mill Street. Duration of construction is anticipated to span several years, starting in 2020.

Mill Street - South Maple Street - Crane Avenue Intersection Improvements

This project is an extension to the improvements related to the Cowles Bridge Replacement Project. It includes safety improvements to both intersections via road realignment, as well as visual improvements such as new pocket parks acting as gateway entrances into Downtown Westfield and the associated neighborhoods. The project is currently under design. Construction will be determined at a later date.

Montgomery-Willis Sewer Extension

The City actively looks to extend the sanitary sewer network per the Master Plan as it's afforded and appropriate. This project will look to extend sanitary sewers to portions of Montgomery Street, Willis Street, Edgewood Street, and Lawn Street. Also included are drainage and pavement improvements. The design is nearing 100% completion in Summer 2022 with construction contingent on securing adequate funding.

Flood Control Dam Rehabilitation Projects

Arm Brook and Powdermill Brook Flood Control Dams:

December 2022 Status Update

Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

The Sanitary Sewer Program was arrived at in conjunction with the Environmental Impact Report for the expansion of the Water Pollution Control Facility. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) required identification of those areas to receive sanitary sewer extensions for which treatment capacity was being designed. An extension program, known as the Strategic Plan, was then developed and has since been only partially completed. The Strategic Plan has been modified through the years based upon input from the City’s departments of Health, Public Works, and Engineering. The design and construction of sewer extension projects rely heavily on the revenue of fees generated by existing sewer users, and therefore, are subject to availability of funds sufficient enough to fund new projects.