The history of Westfield is rich with echoes of the past and one of Westfield’s historic claims to fame is its manufacture of whips. So famous were, and are the Westfield whips that we are known as the Whip City. Four whip manufacturers are noted on the list of National Historic Places.

The Van Dusen Whip

Located at 42 Arnold Street, built in 1900 (NRHP Reference # 87000037).
Photo of the front of the Van Deusen Whip factory.

The United States Whip Company

Located at 24 Main Street (NRHP Reference # 83003983).

The Sanford Whip Factory

Is now an affordable housing location (NRHP Reference # 08001176)
Street view of the Sanford Whip factory.

The Westfield Whip

360 Elm Street, which still manufactures whips sold all over the world, and will willingly show the process to visitors if they contact owner Carol Martin. (NRHP Reference # 85003233)
Front of the Westfield Whip building.