Vacant Storefront District

The City of Westfield has recently been approved by the Economic Assistance Coordinating Council (EACC) for its very own Vacant Storefront District. A storefront is considered "vacant" if it has been unoccupied for at least twelve months. The goal of this program is to help municipalities of the Commonwealth in their efforts to revitalize their downtowns and commercial areas. 

Currently, there are six qualifying storefronts in the district. They are located at 91 Elm Street, 142 Elm Street, 336 Elm Street, 350 Elm Street, 64 Main Street,  and 77 Main Street. Filling these vacancies would help boost economic development and further revitalize downtown. 

To learn more about the program visit here.

To apply to be a Vacant Storefront Project visit here.

If you would like to see a map of the district or if you have any questions about the Vacant Storefront District, please email, or 

We look forward to working with you to fill our downtown vacancies!