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Citizen Police Academy Application

  1. Application for the Westfield Police Department Citizen Police Academy

    Please fill out this form as completely as possible.  Requirements to attend this class are: 21 years of age, reside in or be employed in the City of Westfield, no prior felony charges, no misdemeanor charges within two years of application, and any other past civil/criminal history is evaluated on a per case basis.

      All applicants will be subject to a background check.

  2. Have you ever been charged with a crime?
  3. Do you certify that you meet the minimum requirements listed at the top of this application?
  4. By submitting this application online, you certify that all statements made on this application are true and complete. You authorize any individual, company, organization or institution to release any and all information concerning statements made by you on this application, and do hereby release all parties and individuals connected therewith from all liabilities for any damages whatsoever incurred in furnishing such information. You agree and understand that any deliberate misstatement or omission of material facts may disqualify you from attending the Citizen Police Academy. Submitting this application acknowledges your understanding and agreement with material provided.

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