The City of Westfield Conservation Department consists of the Director of Conservation and administrative assistant.

The Conservation Coordinator reports directly to the Conservation Commission, analyses environmental / natural resource data that impact the city, makes policy recommendations to city officials and provides information related to filings to members of the public as well as federal, state, and city agencies. The Conservation Clerk, under the supervision of the Coordinator performs a variety of clerical duties, handles inquires and provides conservation information to the public.

Important Information for Landowners and Consultants

Westfield Wetlands Protection Ordinance -  Ordinance No. 1738
Learn the Ordinance which applies specifically to Westfield and accompanies those regulations in the Massachusetts Wetland Protection Act.

Tree Replacement Policy Conservation Commission Tree Replacement Policy
When a proposed project involves the clearing of trees, the Commission may require mitigation by replanting trees and shrubs.

Westfield's Interactive WebGIS - City of Westfield GIS Websiteundefined Opens in new window
Do you need to know if a piece of land has a wetland? The Westfield Interaction WebGIS is a mapping system that can provide you with that information! Simply type in the address you are inquiring about and add the Wetland/Streams/River layer to view what is there! 

* Please note the map is a guideline and not always accurate. It is always best to double check with visiting the location and/or contacting the Conservation Department

Land Development Guide - Land Use, Development & Building Westfield
Learn what departments need to give you the O.K. and the proper paths to take, prior to land development.

A Homeowner’s Guide to the Wetlands Permit Process -  Homeowner's Guide to Wetlands & Permitting
This guide provides a checklist of what to look for in order to identify wetlands on your property, courtesy of the Boylston Conservation Commission.

Farming in Wetland Resource Areas - Farming in Wetland Resource Areas
A Guide to Agriculture and the MA Wetlands Protection Act

Westfield Stormwater Education - Storm Water (Pioneer Valley) Educational Video undefined Opens in new window
The City of Westfield belongs to the Connecticut River Stormwater Committee and is monitored by the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. The above link provides an education video on how stormwater works.

Wetland Plants

Native Wetland Plants Suggestion List - Wetland Plants (Fac or Wetter)
Not all plants will thrive in wetlands. This is a non-extensive list of plants native to Massachusetts that will survive the conditions of wetland habitats. These plants are useful when revegetation of a wetland is necessary or for use in the Tree Replacement Policy.

Massachusetts Prohibited Plant List - MA Department of Agricultural Resources undefined Opens in new window
Massachusetts DEP provides a list of all banned plant species in the state including importation, sale, and trade of plants which are considered invasive and harmful to the environment. For questions on the list visit  MA Prohibited Plant List FAQ.

Procedures for Hand Pulling Aquatic PlantsStandard Operating Procedures
Techniques for volunteers that want to better their aquatic environments through manual removal of invasive species in small scale infestations.

Grow Native Massachusettsgrownativemass.orgundefined Opens in new window
Conservation efforts by Grow Native across every type of landscape in Massachusetts and how you can make every landscape count.