Wetland Do's & Don'ts

Complete minor activities near wetlands within existing lawns, gardens, landscapes and passive recreational activities
Begin any work within Jurisdictional Areas without the Commission’s approval
Encourage native vegetation and wildlife
Remove vegetation (dead or alive) or dump yard waste, manure, dirt, and fill
Contact the Commission if you suspect someone is in violation of the law (you can even do so anonymously!)
Drain water to or from a wetland
Leave a wetland in its natural state
Use chemicals near wetlands including herbicides, pesticides, and deicers.
Contact the Commission if you think you might need a permit
Use fertilizers near wetlands
Volunteer to clean up the environment
Assume your contractor will pull all the necessary permits for the work
Use natural remedies when it comes to lawn care, deicing, herbicides, and pesticides
Build a dam or remove a beaver dam