About Westfield Police

The City of Westfield is a great place to raise a family, it is a great place to live, work and play. With the current tensions across America between police and the communities they serve the Westfield Police Department has earned the respect and support of the citizens of Westfield. As a department we believe in the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, we recognize the badge of office as a symbol of public faith and public trust and will continue to put service before self. Remember, we all have a responsibility to our community, get involved and be proud of it.


The Westfield Police Department is located at 15 Washington Street.

Police Commission

A three member Police Commission appointed by the Mayor has the charge, management, and control of the officers and members of the Westfield Police Department.

The Westfield Police Department When at Full Staffing Has the Following Members

  • 82 full-time sworn police officers (all full-time and reserve officers except the Chief of Police are covered under Civil Service)
  • 19 reserve police officers
  • 35 Auxiliary Police Officers (volunteer branch of the department)
  • 15 Special Police Officers
  • 4 full-time clerical positions
  • 3 full-time Animal Control Officers
  • 6 full-time school crossing guards
  • 3 substitute school crossing guards
Statistics 01/2017