Used Car Dealer Class I, II, III Licenses


Used Car Dealer Class I, II, III Licenses are issued by the Westfield License Commission and are governed by the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Section 57-59. It takes approximately four to six weeks to process licenses. 

License Classes

There are three different types of car dealer licenses:

  • Class I for new car dealers
  • Class II for used car dealers, and 
  • Class III for junk/salvage car dealers

Click here for the Massachusetts General Law description of the license class.

Please note that if applying for a Class II used car dealer license you will need a surety bond in the amount of $25,000.00 or a certificate of deposit or irrevocable letter of credit, as authorized by the State of Massachusetts. 

A Dealer's Guide to: The MA Used Vehicle Warranty Law

Used Car Dealer Class I, II, III, are valid January 1st to December 31st and renewed annually. 
Annual Fee of $200.00 check made out to the City of Westfield. 

Be prepared to provide the following attachments as part of your initial application:

  • Floor Plan (may be hand drawn) on 8 1/2" x 11" size paper only, showing the proposed capacities and layout of the premises.
  • Business Certificate, either:
       - Stamped Articles of Organization, if a Corporation. LLC Agreement if a Limited Liability Company. Partnership Agreement if a Partnership; or
       - A Business Certificate or D/B/A certificate from the City Clerk's Office, 2nd Floor of City Hall (413-572-6259)
  • A signed lease or letter of intent. Criminial Record Information Form(s) for the owner(s) of the business, manager and each employee.
  •  Proof of Worker's Compensation if there are employees