Water Meter Replacement Project

Upgrading Westfield's Water Meters

From 2018 to 2020 the Water Resources Division with assistance from outside vendors replaced over 11,000 water meters throughout the city. Outdated manual dial meters were replaced with electronic digital meters that could be read remotely.

Sensus iPERL

About the Upgraded Meters

The new Sensus iPERL meters will allow the city to use Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) that will provide better customer service, reduce operational costs and allow greater access to data. The meters transmit data wirelessly through a radio transmitter which allows the City to reduce recording errors, and virtually eliminating time-consuming manual meter reading altogether. The AMI obtains readings much more frequently that traditional meter reading practices as well, which gives the City and customers accurate information about abrupt or abnormal water consumption changes when billing issues arise. Learn more about RF and Smart Meters.

Radio Transmitter